When Ellis met Pigsly

Pigsly lived on a farm in the human world and he was miserable. The other farm animals made fun of his height and the farmer was mean. One night he finally felt brave enough to try and escape, but the farmer woke up and chased after him! Ellis Owl, flying overhead, saw the squealing piglet stuck in a fence on the outskirts of the farm. He dived down, plucked the Piglet from the fence and flew up into the air. After reaching the safety of a nearby forest, Ellis gently set Pigsly down on the floor. “Thank you, owl,” Pigsly squeaked.

“It’s ooku, teetchy piglet. You’re out of harms way now, chumbo!” Ellis replied. Pigsly looked at him, baffled at his choice of words! “Oh…” Ellis said, laughing at Pigsly‘s reaction. “I’ve just flown down from Munch Land, so I’m in full Munch Speak mode! Sozzu– I mean, sorry!”

Pigsly the pig
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“No problem…” Pigsly said. “But… what’s Munch Land?” He was very inquisitive and full of questions. Ellis let slip more than he usually would, telling the piglet about the land in the sky where all Munch Cats come from, and where even pigs like him had made homes. The sun was rising and the pink sky brightening when the pair finished their chat. “What will you do now you’re free, Pigsly?” Ellis said, smiling.

“I suppose… I’ll go and find a home,” Pigsly replied, lost in thoughts of rainbow bridges and pigs on clouds. Ellis left him in the forest, knowing it would be safe (it was a popular rest area for Hoober Owls).

A week later, Ellis was stopping in the same forest and saw a fellow Hoober Owl, Curtiss, having an argument with none other than Pigsly! Ellis flapped down beside them. “Ellis!” Curtiss said in a serious tone. “This piglet says he knows you. I caught him grabbing onto my tail feathers, trying to hitch a ride!” Curtiss was clearly annoyed. “It’s not the first time it’s happened, either – just last week, Mermoz Owl had the same trouble!”

Ellis felt sympathy for the little pig, who was looking at the ground and trying not to cry. “Sozzu about this, Curtiss. I’ll take care of it, ooku?” Ellis then led Pigsly away from the angry owl and sat him down beneath an oak tree.  

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“Why are you pouncing on my fellow owls then, Pigsly?” Ellis said teasingly, seeking a smile from the pig. Pigsly glanced at him with teary eyes and explained that he was trying to find a home – in Munch Land! He knew the owls could take him up there.

Ellis paused for a moment, thinking. “Hoober Owls… aren’t forced to be taxis, you know. We do it because it’s our passion.” He put his wing around Pigsly. “If you really wanted a ride to Munch Land, all you had to do was be honest and ask.”

Pigsly looked at him, his eyes shining. “Ellis… would you please take me to Munch Land?” Ellis let him clamber onto his back and up they flew! It was Pigsly‘s first Hoober ride, one that took him to the first place in the world that he felt at home. Since that day, Ellis and Pigsly were the very best of friends.

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