Meet the Munch Cats!


BIRTHDAY: 30th August


HOME: Brunch Cloud

Pudding Cat grew up on 13 Rainbow Lane. She’s a natural leader with great intelligence and imagination.

Pudding‘s the best at solving puzzles, coming up with plans and and organising fabbo events, but her biggest talent is inventing party games. At the moment, she’s teaching herself how to play the piano.

BIRTHDAY: 1st June


HOME: Brunch Cloud

Trash Cat is honourable, stands up for what he believes in and is very respectful of others. Trash Cat will always eat his friends’ leftovers (as long as they’re vegetarian) to avoid them going in the bin.

He’s an artistic Munch Cat who loves to craft and paint. Most of his time is spent in nature, usually in his hot air balloon or camping.

BIRTHDAY: 13th December

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius

HOME: Polar Cloud

Chilli Cat is the shyest of his friends and loves the colder seasons because it’s the best time to get snuggly and warm. He appreciates his own company and the little things in life, such as writing letters and slurping hot chocolate.

Chilli Cat believes in showing kindness wherever possible, and never underestimates the power of a smile. 

BIRTHDAY: 16th April


HOME: Park Cloud

Noodle Cat is adventurous, brave and loves to travel and explore. She’s also confident, rarely scared and loves surprises. She has friends all over the world. They miss her, but luckily they can all catch up in Munch Land.

Her talent is getting to know people and finding out cool things about them. Noodle Cat enjoys rollercoasters, eating different flavours of ramen and writing in her journal.

BIRTHDAY: 11th March


HOME: Night Cloud

Cookie Cat adores baking and creating new tasty treats for his friends. They think he’s the perfect host. He’s the most trustworthy of the Munch Cats, probably because he’s very peaceful and patient. 

Cookie Cat loves yoga, candles and keeping positive. He doesn’t get upset over things he can’t control.

BIRTHDAY: 14th February

STAR SIGN: Aquarius

HOME: Wildberry Cloud

Bubble Cat is very excitable, bubbly and quite clumsy. He’s not a cat-of-all-trades – he’s talented at just one or two things. One is making delicious drinks (especially bubble tea – raspberry is his favourite). He often helps out at Bun Yay, a local bakery on Wildberry Cloud.

He is trying hard to learn ballet because he rarely gives up, no matter how difficult something is.

BIRTHDAY: 23rd July


HOME: Park Cloud

Lolly Cat is silly and sweet, always the joker. She doesn’t mind being laughed at – if her friends are smiling, she’s happy. In her spare time she performs stand-up comedy and hosts a weekly karate class.

Lolly’s great at surfing and swimming, and thrives in the sunshine. She enjoys watching funny videos on YouTube. Her favourite snacks are ice lollies.

BIRTHDAY: 2nd January

STAR SIGN: Capricorn

HOME: Wildberry Cloud

Crunchy Cat is rowdy, loud and loves to chat. It’s one of the reasons she loves music – the louder the better! Her secret talent is playing the electric guitar, and her favourite food is anything with a loud crunch!

She gives 110% to things and is happiest amongst big crowds, especially at parties. She rarely has quiet time, but she does enjoy rock collecting and has an impressive collection of precious stones.



HOME: Munch Land

Nano Cat is a mystery – the other cats don’t even know if Nano’s a boy or a girl. It looks like a miniature Pudding Cat. Maybe that’s why Nano loves following Pudding around.

It cannot talk, only squeak, and often looks like it’s lost in thought. Nano Cat does seem to have some special skills, such as jumping extremely high and climbing obstacles quickly.

BIRTHDAY: 25th May


HOME: Night Cloud

Sage Cat and Sweetgrass are never apart. They run an unusual shop called Windletree Books on Night Cloud. Sage Cat is very intuitive – it’s almost like she has a sixth sense about things. Sweetgrass is even more so – sometimes he even sees danger before it’s happened. 

Sage Cat is quite a bit older than the other cats. She has a blunt, straight-talking nature and is not naturally affectionate.

Sweetgrass doesn’t walk on the ground – he floats through the air close behind Sage. He uses more Munch Speak than any other character.

BIRTHDAY: 9th September


HOME: Bearmud Cloud

Honey finds solace in woodlands. As a skilled forager he can locate yummy, natural treats (his favourites being walnuts, plums and honey). He befriends animals easily, particularly honey bees – he has several hives in his Bearmud Cloud home.

He is selfless, gentle and forgiving, always thinking about others and never holding grudges. He enjoys reading books, playing his tin whistle and avoiding exercise!

BIRTHDAY: 26th June


HOME: Night Cloud

Cole Cat grew up alone and without a home, so he learned to be strong quite quickly. But this also made him very untrusting of strangers. Everything changed when he found other free-living cats on Night Cloud. He joined their outdoor community and it became his home.

Cole is shy and prefers familiar surroundings. He’s not a traveler, preferring to stay among home comforts. He really enjoys board games and knitting.


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